5 ways on how to optimise Display Advertising campaigns for Christmas?

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It’s scary to think that its less than 124 sleeps until Christmas and less just under four months away from starting the festive season. If you haven’t already started looking at your clients display campaigns for Christmas, now is the time to start planning.

Under four months may seem like a lifetime away, but if you don’t start looking at your campaigns until the last minute, you will almost certainly find your competitors stealing all your potential business. Have you heard of the saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail?”

For most retailer’s Christmas is the busiest time of year, with a news article published in the Guardian revealing that “Sales on Christmas Day 2015, were up 21% from the previous year, 2014, making it the most lucrative ever for online shopping, according to data from a web services group PCA Predict.”

The article also revealed that retailing giants John Lewis, were also big winners when it comes to online advertising the retailing giants reported a 10.7% increase in revenues on 25 December 2015 compared with the previous year, with the spree happening between 2pm and 4pm, as people sat down for Christmas lunch looking for an early Boxing day bargain.

Here are 5 ways on how to optimise a display advertising campaign for Christmas:


Why not use Dynamic Remarketing through the Google Display network? If you have previously attracted customers with certain keywords earlier in the year or last Christmas that worked, target them again with the products your customers have been viewing. Keywords that include terms such as “iPhone”,“iPad” or “bikes” are items that always sell well during the festive season.

Optimising for mobile

Optimising your Display ad campaign for mobile

An article on eCommerce news said that  for the first time ever smartphones and tablets accounted for over half of online sales in the United Kingdom. During the period November 2015 to January this year, 51 percent of UK online retail sales took place using smartphones and tablets. This is a significant increase on the 45 percent share recorded in the third quarter of last year.With this in mind, it would be unthinkable to ignore optimising your display ad campaign for mobile by concentrating on desktop only.

Think about suitable placements?

Stop and think about where you would like to place your ads before repeating what has worked on previous campaigns.

If you are using using strong ad placements remove them and make sure you’re using managed placements so you can choose the sites that you are targeting and design your ads so that they compliment the look and feel of the site that you wish to target. There’s no point in placing your display ads on a site that is irrelevant to your customers or placing an ad on a website that looks out of place and doesn’t fit their theme. Always do your homework before optimising a display ad campaign.


mobile ad testing

Split test your display advertising ads

Have you considered splitting your display advertising ads in the same way as text ads? Try out different (CTAs), new offers, promotions, images and colour schemes.  Make sure that your ad rotation settings are set correctly so that you can collect equal data for A and B split testing.

Test the Display advertising campaign optimiser tool

If you are looking to put a quick display advertising campaign together, why not check out the Display Campaign Optimer tool from Google. You will need at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days and you will still need to optimise them manually by doing regular target and placement reviews.

What optimisation techniques do you use on Display Campaigns for your clients? Have you started thinking about or working on your clients Christmas campaigns yet? It would be great to hear from anyone.

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