Five reasons why I signed up for a lifetime membership with Shaw Academy!

I was looking to do another degree in Computer Science with the Open Learning Academy until I signed up for a Diploma in Web Development with Shaw Academy free.

Back in April, this year I was filling in questionnaires online to see if I could win some prizes and one of the questions asked me if I would like to do a course with Shaw Academy free. At first, I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about this as they say “There is no such thing as a free lunch” or is there? It turns out that I was wrong as a few weeks later I received an email from Shaw Academy with details on the Web Development diploma.

Increase my knowledge and skills
I have a background in marketing and PR and I wanted to increase my skills in photography and design programmes such as Photoshop which is useful for my blog. Digital marketing and social media is changing all the time and there is a lot more to learn than I first realised. One of the tutors explained that although we take a course we often forget everything we have learned, especially if we are not doing the subject as part of our daily job role. As new updates become available, the courses will evolve so we will never stop learning and I know myself that refresher courses are extremely useful, especially in the areas that I work in.

The Shaw Academy Lifetime membership is a fantastic price
For just £395 you can take as many courses as you like and the great thing is you don’t have to try and cram them all in by paying a monthly fee of £29 or pay £995 for your advanced courses. You also don’t have to pay £5000 for degrees. You can learn new things in different areas and all you pay is a one off fee. The courses are set up so you can ask questions after the session and if you are too shy to share this with the group, you can email or set up a call with one of the tutors. I was impressed with the fact that a tutor contacted me via email after my first Web Development session and I emailed my tutor about a problem I was having with coding on my blog.

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I can invite up to 3 family and friends to take courses
I’m not sure if you have any family or friends that are interested in a career change or maybe they just need a new hobby or have always wanted to learn about a certain subject but haven’t got around to it. You can register up to 3 people and they can take as little or many courses as they wish. They can also receive around the clock support from one of the Shaw Academy tutors. I have signed my parents up as my dad is retired and likes to learn about new things and have introduced my mum in case there is a course she feels might benefit her. I have also asked my five-year old niece if she would like to do the kids course in coding. She says she would like to learn but maybe when she’s a little bit older as I am now a lifetime member there is no rush.

Shaw Academy provides a range of online programmes
Shaw Academy offers something for everyone. You can study a number of diploma and advanced diploma courses, each accessible on a variety of digital devices. Options range from household budgeting to health and fitness, as well as diplomas in photography, online marketing, and advanced financial trading. I joined Shaw Academy in May for my free course in Web Development. Since then I have taken foundation Photoshop and I am taking the Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing. I have already identified other courses that I want to take which is why I joined the lifetime membership. I was trying to rush a number of courses into a month but realised that this was impossible because some of the courses clash.
I can study at my own pace!

There are no deadlines with the Shaw Academy Lifetime membership
Unlike taking other courses where you are given a deadline to complete several assignments, there is no reason to rush. You can complete these courses and assignments as many times as you want. If you don’t feel ready for the exam once you have completed the course you can replay one of the sessions and retake the assessments as many times as you like. You can even take the same course twice if you wish. If you miss sessions you can also listen to them as they are put online usually within 24 hours of the lesson. If you work full time and you fall behind this is the ideal way to learn.

If you would like to know more about the courses that Shaw Academy offer or the Shaw Academy Lifetime membership email or call + 44 207 022 6483.

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