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Glastonbury Crowds

As I type this post from a damp and misty Cornwall, thousands of people are packing up their cars and heading to Glastonbury, I can’t help feeling a little envious of the people who will be watching one of my favourite bands, Muse who are headlining on Friday evening.

The Devon rockers are one of my favourite bands who are also on my “Bands I would like to see wish list”. I have never been to Glastonbury before and as much as I would love to join festival-goers in the muddy, wet fields and experience the lack of washing facilities, being soaked in beer and singing and dancing until dawn, I always get put off attending the five-day event at Worthy Farm in Somerset because of the monstrous traffic jams and queuing. Like many others, I’m not very patient when I have to sit and wait or stand still for hours.

Traffic jam

Queuing to get to Glastonbury.

As a music fan, you will be surprised to hear that the only outdoor music event, I have ever been to was at Milton Keynes back in 2014 when I watched Pearl Jam put on a perfect show.

One of the disadvantages about growing up in Cornwall means that it’s not that easy top watch live concerts and festivals as big bands rarely come down this far. This is up until recent years,however, the Eden Project has now made it possible for people like me to see good bands without the hassle and expense of travelling to London, Bristol, or Cardiff.

After watching Pearl Jam in 2014 and the Corrs in Cardiff earlier this year, there are still some popular bands on my wish list that I would love to see.

Next month I will be heading to the Eden Project in Cornwall to watch another one of my favourite bands play. The Manic Street Preachers are coming to Cornwall and I’m really looking forward to as I have been feeling a little nostalgic recently and what better way to cure this than by watching one of the best British 90s bands on your home turf. Growing up in the late 80s and early 90s was a time when bands such as Nirvana ,Blur, Alice in Chains, Green Day, Pearl Jam and other indie/grunge bands made guitar bands cool again after they faded out in the 70s.

Here are some bands that I would like to see next:

Foo Fighters
I was supposed to be seeing the Foo Fighters last June until lead singer; Dave Grohl broke his leg when falling from the stage in Sweden.
The former Nirvana drummer fell and broke his leg during the second song of the set in Gothenburg, but in the true spirit, he surprised his fans by returning to the stage to play the rest of the show with his leg in bandages.

Unfortunately, for Glastonbury goers looking forward to Foo Fighters headlining the festival and Wembley dates booked for the following week, Dave was advised by his doctors to stop touring and to cancel all UK dates scheduled for the rest of the month. The band was back in the UK in September to play at a concert in Scotland,but sadly, I couldn’t make this and Wembley is a bit of a trek from Cornwall, let alone going all the way up to Scotland. I’m not quite sure when the Foo Fighters will be back in the UK again, when they do, I will be one of the first sitting at the computer impatiently waiting to book those tickets, second time around. Hopefully, I will be lucky next time!

I’ve been a huge fan of this band since the 90s Smash Hits battle of the British bands, Blur Vs Oasis. For some reason I’ve always supported Blur because I found the Gallagher brothers a bit big headed. I think that Blur’s lead singer, Damon Albarn wrote more catchy tunes than the Northern brothers who were always arguing or comparing themselves to the Beatles. As a teenager and during early adulthood and even to this day I can still see myself bopping along to “Song 2” and “Coffee and TV.”

I love this group! The 2016 Glastonbury headliners have been touring the UK this year, sadly, I haven’t yet been to them because London is a 5 hour journey from my door and I have already seen the Corrs in Cardiff earlier this year. I’ve started listening to them a lot over the past two years because my brother-in-law downloaded two of their albums; Absolution and the 2nd Law. Ever since then I haven’t stopped playing them on my ipod. Next time they tour, which will probably be in 2018, I will definitely be booking VIP tickets to see the group.

Fleetwood Mac
I’ve been a big fan of this group since the 1980s. Stevie Nicks is one of the most creative and inspiring female lead performers and songwriters to this day. Alongside her writing partner and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, who plays awesome riffs on the guitar, which I am still learning to play. Mick Fleetwood, the only original band member remaining has to be one of the best drummers in the world, which is the perfect excuse for me and other music fans to spend big on tickets and transport to attend one of their concerts. Had I not booked tickets to see the Foo Fighters last year I would have gone to see the group. I’m not sure when they will come back to Britain again, although I did consider attending one of their US tour dates. It shouldn’t be too long before I can finally tick this off the “Bands I would like to see wish list.

This group has taken a lot of stick from the media; however, I like a lot of their music. My favourite song of theirs is “This is how you remind me.” My parents once bought one of their albums when they were shopping in Aldershot a few years ago and we listened to their CD on the way back to Cornwall. The group is touring the UK in October, so I will have to see if the dates are convenient for me.

Green Day
I’ve recently learnt to play some of my Green Day favourites on the guitar having listened to their CD’s growing up. Although they don’t have any tour dates confirmed right this minute, if the rumours of a new album coming out later this year are true, I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be too long before the trio start announcing tour dates in the UK.

The Rolling Stones
It’s amazing these guys are still rocking into their seventies and sounding great. Maybe not as great as the days when the late, great Brian Jones founded the band but definitely still worth seeing. My parents grew up listening to this band and I grew up listening to them and learning how to play “Paint it black “and “Satisfaction” on my nylon string acoustic guitar which was my fourth birthday present from my mum and dad. I would love to see this band play. I’m not sure if they will ever play again in the UK but if they do, this will have to be another “Must see” concert as a VIP.

Pearl Jam AGAIN!
Eddie Vetter is fantastic on the guitar, his voice is pitched perfectly, and he is great with the crowd. This group, for me, is one of the best bands in the world. Alongside Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden I grew up listening to this style of music and on July 11th, 2014, I finally got to see them at my first ever real live concert. Previously I had attended Radio 1 road show concerts in St Ives and seen the likes of Natalie Imbrulia, Kavana and Bille Piper,but never had I seen a famous band live in the flesh.

At the concert in Milton Keynes fans were treated to 3 whole hours with Pearl Jam as well as guests like Simon Townsend, the brother of The Who’s Pete, who joined Eddie to play acoustic guitar to ‘I’m The Answer’, Simon’s own tune. Dhani Harrison, George’s son, came on stage to help cover The Beatles’s ‘Rain’. Without a single drop of rain in sight, as the sun went down the band finished the show and the second encore with ‘Rockin’ In the Free World’ by Neil Young, featuring members of off! Drummer, Matt Cameron’s son Ray also joined the band on the guitar at the finale. Any band would be lucky enough to come anywhere close to this concert and I’m already looking forward to seeing them again! Here’s to the next time Pearl Jam!

Eddie Vedder at Milton Keynes

Eddie Vedder at Milton Keynes

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