Blog resources I can’t live without!

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert at blogging here are some blog resources that I can’t live without as I use them on a daily basis to help both my blogs run efficiently.

Configuration of my blog

For my blog, I use as we must have our hosting and domain name, I use these companies: – I have two websites hosted by e-host – I purchased my domain names for two of my websites from here

 Monetising my blog

I’m just starting to monetise my blog, and I will only recommend the websites and products that I used before even knowing the existence of affiliate links. My favourite sites for affiliate links are:

  • ShareASale: I signed up to them after they were recommended in a blog post that I read and a lot of well-known sites and products, like Grammarly and Tailwind.
  • Amazon Associate: Probably one of the most used monetisation programs nowadays! It allows you to earn money when someone clicks on your link and buys something on Amazon within 24 hours.
  • Apple Itunes – I signed up for them as Apple is one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

Blog resources

Grammarly: I use this daily to double check my grammar and spelling, especially as I have little time to write and edit. My writing has improved since I purchased this tool for the very first time in December 2016.

SEO blog resource tools

SEO Analyzer: This is an excellent tool created by SEO expert Neil Patel

SEM Rush: I use this tool as its probably one of the best blog resources for competitor analysis keyword tracking

Keyword Planner (Google Adwords): This tool is free, there is no credit card sign-up and its great for looking for keywords on your blog.

Google Search Console: This is another free tool, and it will tell you which keywords people use on Google to find your blog, and you can also identify your blogs dead links.


Free to use pictures

I like to take photos myself. However, this isn’t always possible as you can’t always find the right props and sometimes you have to write urgent articles that don’t give you enough time to take pictures.

People are always asking where to find royalty free photos. So I thought I would share these with my readers.

Pixabay – There are over  1300000 high-quality photos to choose from.

Flickr – This photo sharing community provides you with an easy way to post and share photos online for free.

Editing pictures online

Canva: This is the most popular tool for creating basic Instagram and Facebook posters featuring text and images.

Paint is a little bit old and basic, however, until I can afford to purchase Photoshop it will have to do for now.

WordPress Themes

I purchased the magazine theme for $30 for the Looneychickblog from Web-Dorado.

Social media

Believe it or not, you could end up spending hours on social media channels, just updating and connecting with influencers. So it’s essential to update your channels regularly, and I‘ve been having trouble with this.

Here are some blog resources that I will be thinking about investing in to help me keep up with social media posting.

HootSuite: To plan my publications on my Facebook Group, my Facebook page, and my Twitter account.

Tailwind: I’ considering investing in Tailwind to help increase my social media followers.

Planning & Organization

I use a notepad and a diary to keep track of things. I might check out online options to see if they are easier. Trello spring to mind, as I was encouraged to use this tool when freelancing for a digital marketing company back in 2014.

My workspace

When we spend several hours a day in front of the computer, we need to make sure that we have the right equipment to make us feel comfortable when working.

  • MacBook Pro – I use this machine mainly to edit vlogs
  • Toshiba laptop – This has a 17-inch screen, and I use this for working on windows applications
  • My Varidesk – This desk allows me to work standing up or sitting down. It also has compartments which organise my workspace a lot better.
  • A whiteboard – This is for prompts when filming or content planning
  • A notepad – for jotting down ideas and daily schedule
  • A diary – keeping note of important dates for blog posts and expenditure
  • My camera – For filming vlogs
  • Manfrotto camera stand – To hold my camera or iPhone


What are your thoughts on my blog resources do you also use them?  Have you seen any you would like to try out? Let us know in the comment section below or over on our social media channels.