5 awesome reasons why electric cars are the best

electric car

With more people driving in the UK and with elderly people living and driving longer here are five awesome reasons why electric cars are the best.

Since 2013, the number of electric vehicles within the UK has increased significantly from 3,500 to a whopping 90,000. Many electric cars are used as company cars, in particular by the NHS and Government Authorities such as local councils and emergency services.

Electric cars are better for the environment

Electric cars are greener than gas fuelled cars, and they have no emissions which make them more environmentally friendly. They run on electricity power which is much cleaner for the environment.

Saving money

You will save money
You will save money by recharging your car’s battery. Instead of filling up at a gas station and spending in an access of £40 a time. With prices of fuel higher than ever, you will no longer have to worry about your vehicle burning a hole in your pocket. Electricity also comes at a cost, but it’s cheaper than fuel.

Cheaper Maintenance with electric cars

One of the best things about electric cars in that they are low maintenance in comparison to petrol and diesel cars. With no oil to change and no gaskets to replace on the engine, this will save you lots of hassle and money.

An article on plugin suggests that electric vehicles benefit from not requiring oil changes or other maintenance costs for exhaust systems. Studies have shown that this represents a 35 percent decrease in cost over time.

You can charge electric cars up at home

Imagine never having to stop and go into a petrol station ever again? This could very well happen and will also save you money. You can charge your car up after a long day at work and be able to climb into a fully recharged car which will take you another 80-100 miles depending on the model you buy. All you have to do is pull up in your garage or driveway, and plug the car into the charging outlet.

Electric cars are quieter than petrol and diesel

Electric cars are quieter and smoother to drive compared to a lot of fuel based cars that are heavier and look outdated. They also accelerate a lot quicker and smoother, as soon as you step on the pedal, you can feel the car pull away immediately.

Do you own an electric car? Have you ever driven one or are thinking about buying one? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter @Digitalclassic.

How the Nintendo Switch compares to the Wii?

Nintendo Switch

After watching Youtuber Casey Neistat’s YouTube video at the New York Nintendo Switch convention on Friday, I thought it would be interesting to make a comparison between the new Nintendo Switch and the old Nintendo Wii console.

I purchased my Nintendo Wii in October 2010, after being inspired to try out the Wii Fit board and get into shape. I had never played on a game console before let alone, purchased one.

Over the past few years, I have been thinking about buying a Microsoft X-Box One or a PS4 because, since the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo appears to have lost its place in the market with more games available on the X-Box and Playstation.

Since the Wii U console failed to take off back in 2012, Digital Classic takes a look at the similarities between the Nintendo Wii and the new Nintendo Switch.

Wii U Gamepad

Similarities between the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is portable, so you can either use it in the house or outside in the garden. This Console is released at the perfect time, just in time for Easter and Summer garden party entertainment. It even has a special dock which releases more power as well as a longer battery life than the Wii U.

The new Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch are also rumored to be easy to use, and you can have one in each hand while playing games. The portable also looks a lot slimmer than the Wii U GamePad, and we are also hoping that the battery life will be longer than its predecessor. The Wii U console is bulky and poorly designed.

Will Nintendo Switch have Super Mario games?

For those of you who want to upgrade your Nintendo Console to the Switch, there’s good news for Super Mario fans. A games list has already been released, and it includes the popular Mario Kart 8.

The Nintendo Switch will be on sale on March 3rd, and you can pre-order it from Amazon, Tesco, Argos and many online retailers for £279.99.

Have you ordered or tried out the new Nintendo Switch? Will you be ordering this or sticking to your X-Box or PlayStation? Comment below or Tweet @DigitalClassic.

Why you need online video content on your website

YouTube Video

An article in the Guardian in 2015 quoted that “The World IT Leader Cisco claims that online video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, this year and that Video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled.”

With online video’s becoming the future of content marketing; here is why you need video on your website.At least one in three Britain’s are posting online video’s which is an audience of 20 million people.

An article in reelcontent.co.uk has revealed that one in three people living in Britain are posting at least one online video a week. You Tuber’s like Casper Lee who has 7,041,240 and Zoella, who is famous for her beauty and fashion videos, has witnessed celebrity like statuses with 4,511,136 subscribers.  These You Tubers have also inspired more people to upload videos to websites and YouTube channels. So, it’s not surprising that we are seeing more businesses and individual upload video to their websites.

Video can be viewed on the way to work

You can watch video’s and read blog posts on the way to work; people watch videos on their tablets or mobile devices on the tube, train or bus to and from work.Research from Google suggests that individuals who watch videos on their phones are 1.4X as likely to watch ads as those who view videos on desktop computers or televisions. And smartphone viewers aren’t just more inclined to watch ads; they’re also more likely to share them. Those who see ads or branded content on their smartphones are 1.8X as likely to share it as their desktop counterparts. That compulsion to share extends offline, too. Smartphone viewers are 1.6X as likely as TV viewers to turn to their peers in person and talk about the video content they’re watching.

Video is inexpensive

You can film video on your mobile phone which makes it a cheaper option than buying a camera; even though, certain video editing tools are expensive to buy. However, some video editing tools are coming down in price making it more affordable for all.  It doesn’t matter if the video quality isn’t perfect, as long as the content is compelling. Google have also said that Smartphone users are more likely to watch and share ads and content from brands.

Videos are popular with brands

Popular brands are using video marketing to promote their services and products. Many brands have experienced their videos going viral.

Dunkin Donuts

The American global donut company Dunkin Donuts created a video based on “Test Kitchen” for viewers, showing how it produces new products and creations. This video ended with a donut-themed wedding cake being made. The video attracted more than 36,000 viewers watching this cake being made.

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Purchasing a portable hard drive from WD Elements

External hard drive plugged into laptop with a USB

It’s not often I write about good customer service. However, I recently lost some of my work through a Ransomware virus and decided to invest in a portable hard drive from WD Elements.

Saving files on computers can accidently get deleted, hacked or if something happens to the machine you are using you could lose important work and find yourself starting again. Losing you valuable time and money, especially if you lose your clients work.

I was lucky enough only to lose a few things, however, some of which I lost was relevant certificates from courses. Many courses now charge for hard copies of certificates, so I copied the PDF’S and saved them, without feeling the need to back them up.

Previously I have backed up files on memory sticks, which I will continue to do as well as back them up to a hard drive.

Investing in a portable hard drive from WD elements can help to eliminate this problem and help you retrieve your files within seconds.

Alternatively, you can always shell out for iCloud or OneDrive, but purchasing an external portable hard drive is a more affordable option in the long run

This 2TB external storage hard drive was reduced on the WD Elements website from £74.99 to £54.99 which are cheap considering that the 1.5 TB I looked at was £44.99 plus postage. It worked out cheaper than Curry’s and less expensive to buy the 2TB than the 1.5TB.

Despite being shipped from Holland, WD Elements were quicker in shipping across the external hard drive and cheaper than purchasing this same product in the UK.

WD Elements sent out a dispatched email just hours after I made the order and within two days I’m plugging it into my PC to save my files. The item was well packaged, and I was surprised to see how small and light the external drives are. Unlike some companies, WD Elements included their contact details and a recipe.

My Dad has an external drive which is over five years old and is much bigger. Let’s say he doesn’t carry it around because it’s so big and bulky. This little black box fits perfectly into my laptop case and is light enough to carry around with me.

Less than a week later I have received an email offering me 20% off my next purchase. So far, I’m extremely pleased with this product and the customer service I received.

I will now, set aside a time once a week to put all my files onto the external hard drive, so if someone decides to try and ransom me or if my computers break down I have backups of all my work.

Let me know if you have any issues that have resulting in you losing work such as a computer issue or Ransomware? Tweet @DigitalClassic or comment below.

Everything written in this blog post is based on my personal experiences and is not part of any sponsored or paid advertising deal.

Review of the Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

DigiLife camera on Manfrotto PIXI Mini tripod

I choose this mini tripod for my new daily Vlogs because of YouTuber; Alfie Deyes, who recommended the Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod in his Vlogs.

Last November I decided to start a Vlogging channel, which I had planned to start this week, however, due to flu symptoms and a sore throat I have decided to delay this until I’m feeling better and I can happily vlog without coughing every five seconds.

After finding my old DigiLite camera which is still working, despite it being over ten years old. I have been watching Vloggers film on their iPhones, so I decided to look at the Manfrotto Mini Pixi tripod and save it to my Amazon list.

On Black Friday to my surprise, this fantastic Manfrotto Mini Pixi tripod went down in price from £17.05 to £11.24, so I decided to snap it up.

Once I received it, I also tried my new Pentax K50 on it to see if it would take its weight and was delighted to witness how strong this mini tripod is which weighs just 0.23g. It’s stainless steel and premium finish makes this one of the best mini tripods out there, and for £11.24 I am extremely pleased with this. The PIXI also includes a standard ¼ inch screw attachment supported by a rubber circle and metal swivel ball so you can change the angles when filming or taking photos.

Pentax K50 on Manfrotto PIXI MIni Tripod

I love the grip on this because it’s lightweight and versatile, however, you need to be careful when using heavier DSLR’S when filming as the grip becomes a lot less stable for long shoots and videos.  This tripod is also small enough to fit into your pocket or handbag.


Joby Gorillapod mini tripod

The Manfrotto PIXI isn’t quite as versatile as the Joby Gorilla Pod which I have seen Vloggers Casey Neistat and Alfie Deyes use. However, the Manfrotto PIXI Mini tripod still packs a punch and it’s definitely up there with the best mini tripods.

The button on the tripod is a bit stiff to operate, and the changing of the heads tilt and rotate can be a bit clunky. However this action locks the camera into place, so it doesn’t move during filming.

Do you use a mini tripod for Vlogging or Blogging? Comment below or discuss this on Twitter @DigitalClassic.
Rating        **** 4/5

Don’t let Ransomware catch you out!


Many people and businesses think that just because they have security software that the Ransomware virus won’t catch them out.

I was also one of these people until a few days before Christmas when I turned on my laptop to find that all my files had been encrypted on my Toshiba laptop.

In July 2016, Lifehacker Australia reported that over 224,000 Ransomware Attacks Occurred In Australia Over A Two-Month Period.

In April and May 2016 over 213,000 ransomware attacks were a result of the Angler exploit kit. One of the reasons why Angler is such a popular exploit kit is because it requires little technical expertise.

From the Trend Micro data, 64% of ransomware threats were from email attacks, usually distributed as a macro or email document or a clickable link that leads to a downloadable file.

I couldn’t understand how someone had managed to override the Windows Defender software? I was livid to think that someone had got into my computer and wanted to hold me to ransom.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is when someone encrypts all of your files, and they tell you to go to their secret server and charge you to regain access to your all important saved documents.

Luckily for me, I never had many files on my machine, and I was still able to access some of my work on the cloud. However, I did lose some relevant certificates from courses I completed.I saved them as PDF’S, and I never backed up any of my files. I also lost some my social media and blog calendar, which I’m currently planning again.

What will I do to stop Ransomware getting to my computer again?

I’m unsure how the Ransomware got into the machine and where it came from. There were a lot of Skype files in the junk box, and I was guilty of leaving Skype open on my computer as soon as the machine booted up. I was working so much over the past month, between 8 am and 12 pm to try and earn some extra cash for Christmas.

The virus looks to have happened after 11 p.m when my machines would usually be switched off.

I’ve just purchased an external drive, and I will be backing up all my data every day, and I’m also increasing my C Cleaner security package by going for a better version. Yes, it might be more expensive, and it will add more time onto my day. But I can’t take the chance, and I would prefer to have everything secure and backed up than lose my clients or my important private work and information.

I will be reloading Skype on my computer, but I will not be setting it to load up every time I’m on my computer. I will only log in when I’m on a call.

Have you ever had a Ransomware virus?Comment below or tweet @DigitalClassic to join in the discussions on Twitter.

My Christmas dream guitar pedal board

The chances of me receiving my Christmas dream guitar pedal board this Christmas are less than me winning the lottery. Why am I writing this? Every girl can have a dream, can’t they?

I purchased my first guitar pedal almost 20 years ago after saving up to buy the Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal and a Peavey amp with money from my paper round.

I love playing the guitar, but I’m also interested in creating music sounds with pedals. I enjoy playing Nirvana covers and exploring how they used pedals in their music.

The Big Muff – Fuzz pedal

Big Muff Guitar pedal

I’ve wanted to buy this for a while because I love the sound of this pedal. The Big Muff has increased in price by around £10 this year, and I was hoping for a Christmas bargain. I’m considering buying the smaller version of the pedal which is slightly cheaper at £62 when the Big Muff Pi NYC is priced at £69. I went into Project Music in Exeter a few months ago to buy one of these, but they never had any had any in stock, so I purchased the Pro Rat distortion pedal. Pink Floyd and the White Stripes also use the Big Muff Pi as one of their favourite pedals.

The Small Clone – Chorus pedal

The Small Clone

This pedal was used on Nirvana’s Nevermind album on the song Come as you are. The Chorus pedal gives off a watery echo sound like two guitars are playing instead of one.The Small Clone is a remake of the pedal that Kurt Cobain used and is popular because of the late Nirvana front man. I tested the TC Chorus pedal and dialled it to make a similar sound to the Small clone. However, the TC pedal is £95 compared to £70 for the Small Clone. This pedal has gone up in price by quite a bit because the first time I looked at this pedal, it was £55.

The Electro Harmonix Polychorus

Polychorus pedal

The Polychorus pedal is the most expensive pedals out of the ones of my Christmas dream guitar pedal board, and it costs £180. I want one of these because you can make all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds from this. This was used in Nirvana’s In Utero album on Heart-Shaped Box” (solo), “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter,” and “Scentless Apprentice.”

Hopefully this time next year I will be using the pedals mentioned above on my dream guitar pedal board instead of blogging about them.
If I received even one of my Christmas dream pedals, I would be so pleased. At my age, if you want something you have to get your partner to buy it (which I don’t have) or buy it yourself (which I can’t afford).

If you are a musician, please comment below or tweet me your dream Christmas guitar pedal board? If you receive a guitar pedal for Christmas, let us know @DigitalClassic.

Most popular mobile phones 2016

Are you considering upgrading your phone over the Christmas and New Year period? Here are five of the most popular mobile phones in 2016.

Here’s why you should consider getting one of the phones mentioned below:

iPhone 7 plus


Despite its hefty price tag, Apple has created a very good phone with lots of pluses, however like everything it’s not without its minuses.

If you want to listen to music or watch videos on your phone, while charging it at the same time, this is a no go. The iPhone 7 Plus only allows you to you one of these at the same time because there is no headphone jack and you probably won’t want to purchase an adaptor at an extra cost.

The iPhone 7 Plus does have its advantages which include the fact that you can easily tell this phone apart from its predecessors because it comes with two cameras on its rear.

The phone also comes with a new feature the IP67 rating for the iPhone Plus, which means this model is both dust-proof and water-resistant.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung galaxy S7-edge

This Samsung Galaxy is Samsung’s answer to the iPhone. The design is a lot more stylish than previous Samsung mobile phones with its new metal and glass build, and curved display makes this phone more stylish than ever and able to compete with Apple. The Samsung phone is also IP68 water resistant and available in two colours, black and gold.

The new IP68 rating means that you can dunk the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge into one metre of water for up to 30 minutes without damaging the phone. If you take it out of your bag or pocket in the rain or, listen to music in the bath you can use your phone without worrying about getting it wet.

Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel XL

The Google Pixel XL is a great phone to use and has a fantastic camera; This Android phone has the smoothest pixel screen and its loading times matched the iPhone 7 When tested against other phones.
This phone doesn’t quite match the speed of the Samsung Galaxy S7, according to the benchmark tests. However, this phone still offers good user experience.

iPhone SE

iPhone SE

Apple has managed to fit a huge amount of features into the phone considering it’s a small phone. It looks like the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S; the only difference is that you can get this model in a rose-gold colour and its cut edges are matte and not the usual shiny chrome.

The design, screen and sound quality aren’t very different to its predecessors; however, the one thing that does excite Apple Fans is the quality of the camera.

Huawei P9

Huawei P9

The Huawei is a great phone. However, when TechRadar tested its battery, they found that it still wasn’t good enough to compete with phone giants Apple and Samsung.

The Chinese manufacturers have a reputation for producing high-end specs for lower prices than its higher-end competitors. The Huawei P9 was one of the most popular phones of 2016.

Huawei has now teamed up with Superman (Henry Cavill) to star in their ad campaign in a bid to boost their mobile phone sales, however, they still have a way to go because no one buys a phone from a manufacturer who they hardly know. The P9 has good specs and are hoping that this phone’s camera technology will convert Apple and Samsung customers into Huawei customers.

Which mobile phone do you own? Do you own any of the phones above? Comment below or tweet your pictures to @Digitalclassic.

Records I would love to receive this Christmas

I love those old vintage turntables and record players in the music shops, and I have been adding records into my Amazon wish list box for a few months.

Here are some of the records I would love to see in my Christmas stocking:

Eddie Cochran record cover

Eddie Cochran – The Memorial Album

Most of the best young rock’n’roll talent in the late fifties appeared to be cursed with best-known names dying young, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly were amongst them.

In April 1960 Liberty Records released the second 12 track albums. Just two weeks after Eddie’s tragic death the album was re-released with a different album cover and titled “The Eddie Cochran Memorial Album. A further two tracks were also added to the record.

I love fifties style rock’n’roll especially Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash and the Everly Brothers. The catchy riffs still sound good today and remain timeless even 60 years after they were first recorded. They sound even better on Vinyl than any other platform.

Foo Fighters Greatest hits record cover

Foo Fighters – Greatest Hits LP

I saw this album in Tesco and asked my mum a while back to get this for me for Christmas. I was supposed to see the Foo Fighters a couple of years ago in London. However, Dave Grohl broke his leg, so the whole European tour got cancelled. I thought that they would return to the UK as promised last year. However, that never happened. We are almost into 2017, and there is still not even a whisper of a hint that the Foo’s will be coming back to the UK. I don ‘t own a Foo Fighters album and what better way to start my collection than on vinyl.

In Utero
Nirvana – In Utero

Being a huge Nirvana fa, I personally would like all their records, however, I may be getting a bit too greedy.
I already own this album on CD. However, I would love to listen to this album on vinyl, especially the 20th-anniversary special edition. This vinyl album comes with two discs. The first disc is a remastered version of the original release and the second disc is a brand new mix of the album, by the record producer, Steve Albini.

Amy Winehouse Back to Black
Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

I never realised just how talented Amy was until she was gone. I remember watching her in concert in Belgrade in Serbia on YouTube.I can remember as clear as day how she looked. Like a rabbit in the headlights, slurring her words and staggering around on stage before getting angry at the crowd when she was booed. I also remember telling my mum that she will be dead within weeks.

Guess what? I was up in bedroom 2 or 3 weeks later, and my mum shouted for me to come downstairs. She told me that Amy Winehouse was dead and there it was being confirmed on the News. I have listened to this album on YouTube several times since her death. I don’t own a copy of Back to Black, but I would like this album because it’s one of my favourite vinyls.

This record is just over half an hour long and consists of eleven catchy tunes which outlines her talent.

Do you listen to vinyls? Which is your favourite music platform, CD’s, iTunes, Mp3s, tape or vinyl? Let us know in the comments below or tweet with images to @DigitalClassic.

Why you should optimise website landing pages

Boots website landing page

Most businesses should have already optimised their website landing pages in time for the Boxing Day sales.

If you haven’t, there is still time to put a personalised sale page together, and you still have time to put up a Christmas landing page as there are still a few shopping days left and people are rushing around for last minute gifts.

Until the UK started to participate in Black Friday, Boxing Day used to be the busiest shopping day of the year.

Here is why it’s important for businesses to optimise their landing pages:

Customers can experience an easier shopping experience

Having a personalised landing page on your website helps customers enjoy a better shopping experience because they land on a page and straight away can see what’s in the sale or what’s fashionable depending on the season. This time of year, customers are looking for Christmas gifts, and on Boxing Day they will be looking for sale items. Landing pages will take them straight to the page without them having to search through pages without Christmas gifts or sale items. Your customers will also stay on the page for longer, which maximises your chance of a sale.

Creating seasonal website landing pages will improve your SEO

If you use keywords in your landing page, this will help your SEO rank and the better-quality website pages you add to your site, the higher you are more likely to rank in the search engines

Boxing Day landing pages will get more attention
Have you optimised your landing pages for Christmas or Boxing Day? If not, it’s not too late; there are still a few Christmas shopping days left.

A well designed, interactive festive landing page will help you grab potential customer’s attention and will be more engaging than your regular site content.
Your sales will increase if you optimise your website landing page

Most importantly your website will gain more sales over the Christmas period.

Christmas and Boxing Day landing pages allow you to highlight stock items, so customers are more likely to buy more products. The more products they buy, the more sales your business will gain.
If you would like some help with future landing pages, get in touch with us here. Let us know what your favourite seasonal landing pages are? Comment below or tweet @DigitalClassic.